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In planning decorations for a wedding reception, anniversay party, or other grand event, do not neglect the floors. Why settle for plain floors when you put so much time into table decorations, lighting, and flowers? Dance floor decals can be custom made to suit any wedding theme and color scheme. Choose any text, logo, or picture for your dance floor decals. Use a simple logo and date to coordinate with the table linens or create a colorful congratulatory banner on the dance floor.

Envision guests arriving to see a welcome mat decal with the words "Welcome Honored Guests" and a picture of the happy couple. Place wedding floor decals with the wedding date and the names of the bride and groom around the room so guests can have a more personal "feel" in the room. Picture the happy couple dancing on a floor decorated with dance floor decals in their wedding colors.

Our dance floor decals are slip-resistant for the safety of guests wearing party shoes. They can be easily applied to any flat, smooth surface. Sizes are available to suit any room, large or small.

Customfloorgraphics.com is the place for made-to-order dance floor decals. Let us help you design a one-of-a-kind decal that will complete your floor-to-ceiling reception decor.

Made from heavy-duty floor vinyl with a scuff-resistant laminate for maximum color brilliance.



We produce top quality, long-lasting, tough, resilient, zero-maintenance dance floor decals. Don't settle for less!

NEW: an online designer to create your dance floor decal online with the latest online design tools. Make as many design changes as you like, and see exactly how it will look before you place your order - all in the convenience of your own home. At customfloorgraphics.com, our floor decals are totally customized by you and for you. We can make any design you like with lettering, graphics, photos or logos.




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